An informal community that seeks to build strong Christian friendships amongst those of a similar age (18-30ish) who relax together, encourage each other to follow Jesus and make him known to others

Young Adults at Myton embraces all those in the 18-30 age bracket whether studying, working or seeking employment, whether married or single, whether settled in the area or just passing through. The goal is to provide a context for deepening both faith and friendships. Some things are organised (and these complement the wider activities of the Church) but there’s lots of informal stuff plus scope for anyone to take the initiative in drawing people together, just let us know and we’ll get the word out.

Young Adults from the Myton Church family are also studying at Universities around the country and we seek to support them in prayer and integrate them into the activities during their vacations.

Additional information for those studying in the Warwick area can be found here.

Sunday lunches

A home cooked lunch is provided for young adults on a regular basis, sometimes all together and at other times scattered in homes.  These are times of enjoying good food in great company and, when in one place, with a short themed discussion around a biblical topic or contemporary issues. Come and relax, get to know others at Myton Church and find out more about the young adult ministry.

Lunches are held at the Westbury Centre (Westlea Rd, Leamington Spa CV31 3JE), a community centre about 2km from the church. Transport is provided from the school. Lunches start at about 12.30pm and finish at around 2.30pm

Dates: Contact Jackie Mann for more information

To be kept in the loop on all these things join the Young Adult Facebook group or for specific enquiries email: