Wycliffe Bible Translators exists to serve the worldwide church, partnering with churches and individuals to make the Bible available to every people group in their heart language.

Wycliffe UK is part of an international family of organisations with around 7,000 affiliated staff working alongside many partner organisations, individuals from local communities and national organisations, working in languages from 97 countries. The latest figures show that, although Scripture exists in 2,804 of the world’s 6,874 languages the remaining task is still immense: 239 million people, speaking 2,026 languages, still have no Scripture at all in their heart language. For more information, see http://wycliffe.org.uk/

Following early retirement and a degree in biblical studies, Christopher Samuel was accepted as a member of Wycliffe and assigned to the International HQ in Dallas to work on resources to be made available to translators electronically, to help them work with the Hebrew text of the Old Testament.