Myton Church is a non-denominational fellowship of evangelical Christians that exists to worship and glorify God.

Our vision is to be a community that glorifies God by being

  • bowed down in loving devotion – everyone delighting in God’s supremacy through worship and prayer
  • built up for acts of service – everyone learning to please Christ; bearing fruit in every good work
  • sent out as full-time Christian workers – everyone making Christ known through gracious words and distinctive lives

As such we seek to be a New Testament community of Christians characterised by sincere devotion to Christ, loyalty to the Word of God, love for one another, commitment to both spiritual and numerical growth, active concern for the unconverted and a desire for every member to develop in gifted service of the Lord.

Our mission is to cooperate in God’s purposes for changing people into mature followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Biblical churches are fundamentally “three-dimensional” in focus: upwards in relationship to God, inwards in the relationship of members to each other, and outwards in relationship to lost people. We believe each dimension is vital, and should be embraced by every member of the church. Where one dimension is missing, the church becomes unbalanced and our lives are diminished.