Malawi (Central Africa)

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world. Its economy is over-dependent on agriculture, with the great majority of Malawians relying on subsistence farming for their livelihood. There has been steady evangelical growth in the country, but much of the culture is still steeped in witchcraft.

Population: 15.7 million

julianandcaroline2011Julian and Caroline Lott, former members of Myton Church, have been living in Malawi since 2002. Until 2009 Julian was involved in planting churches and training church leaders in ten of the villages surrounding Lilongwe. Unable to ignore the abject poverty in the areas in which they were working, the work soon expanded to include a number of relief projects, including feeding programmes, orphan care and teaching improved farming methods.

In May 2009, Julian and Caroline felt called to move from their base on the outskirts of Lilongwe. They are now living on a farm in the village of Chiphazi in the rural area, some 80 kms further south, close to the town of Dedza. The farm, formerly known as “Bewitched” (as it sits under a mountain of the same name), is now known as “The Village of Light”.

Leaving the 10 churches within the Lilongwe district in the care of a local leadership team, they have now established two churches in villages around the farm and another three further afield in the wider Dedza region. The farm provides employment for many local people, and is a home for a number of a number of orphans from the surrounding area.

Julian and Caroline are now principally involved in training church leaders and helping them to disciple the church members.

Prayer focus:

  • That the Village of Light would continue to be a safe haven from which to operate.
  • For effective protection, armour and skilful application of 2 Cor 10:4 in the spiritual battles faced.
  • For wisdom and insight as Julian works with, encourages and releases the Malawian leaders into their long term leadership roles.
  • For physical/spiritual protection and good health for the whole team particularly as they face the rampant witchcraft and idolatry within Malawian culture at all levels.

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