Church Update 18th May 2020

It has been 2 months since our initial communication that due to the COVID 19 restrictions we would no longer be able to physically gather as a church. Following the Government’s update on May 10th and the first sign of the lockdown easing, it seems an appropriate time for a further update.

During this time our mission as a church hasn’t changed. We continue to we seek to worship and glorify God, maturing in our faith and desiring that others come to know Christ. So we have been pursuing these goals in a different way.

In these weeks many of our corporate activities have moved online. We hope you have accessed our Sunday service, prayer meetings and small groups. (If you are struggling to do so, please get in touch via  As elders we have been praying for the church and sought to be in touch. It has been encouraging to hear of the good things God is doing amongst us as we continue to trust in Christ and seek to share the good news with others.

Whilst we long to physically gather there are many factors to consider before that will be feasible.

The most recent government update indicated that the earliest that churches might consider gathering is 4th July, and that is far from a fixed date. Even when restrictions are lifted we are aware there are likely to be a number of limitations on how we can gather.

Whilst still needing to plan the ongoing ministry of the church the elders are also beginning to prepare for a phased return to meeting physically, whenever that might be. It is evident that some level of social distancing will be required when we do begin to meet and that certain precautions will need to be taken for some time. We are also conscious that a number of the church family will have an understandable level of anxiety and concern about the practicalities of gathering together.

We will continue to plan and act within the boundaries of the latest government guidelines, adapting to them as they change.  Considerations are endeavouring to marry our longing to gather physically with caring for people in the way we manage the current risks, and seeking to be good ambassadors for Jesus to a watching world.

Whilst a number of people (elders, staff & MCT) are involved in these initial discussion we are also keen to gain an understanding of how individuals in the church are approaching the lifting of restrictions and the possibility of, at some point, physically gathering together as a church. To that end we are currently working on a church survey to help us gain as many perspectives as possible.

Please note that this initiative gives no indication of when we will be able meet or that we will be able to do everything that is raised by the survey. However this will be helpful input into our planning and the decisions that have to be made, so please watch out for this and fill it in.

We do value your prayers at this time. For leaders, please pray for wisdom in our discussion and planning. For the church as a whole, ask that we might keep looking to the Lord and make every effort to keep the unity we have in Christ given there will be different reactions to the easing of restrictions and the timing of any gathering. 

On a very practical note we are also looking in the next month to move our ongoing communications to Church Suite. Please ensure you have put appropriate permissions in place on your account to ensure you keep receiving our communications. If you have any problems with this then please get in touch with Pearl (

Thank you for your continued prayers, support and bearing with us through this time.

We will continue to be in touch as things develop.

With love from the Elders