Humble Dependence

We believe that God’s people thrive when living in dependence upon him and deeply committed to one another.


  • We aim to make prayer a priority in all aspects of the church’s life and witness
  • We seek the empowering of the Holy Spirit for all we do
  • We encourage everyone to cultivate meaningful relationships within the church family relinquishing individualism and self-sufficiency

Transformational Teaching

We believe that God’s Word is the chief means of creating and developing all spiritual life. We expect both individual and corporate transformation as we encounter God through his Word.


  • We endeavour to live all of life under the authority of God’s Word
  • We provide numerous and varied contexts for hearing and responding to God’s Word
  • We seek to develop a biblical perspective on contemporary issues for the good of others
  • We aim to train and equip all those who teach the Bible to others

Sacrificial Generosity

We believe that self-sacrifice and generous giving are marks of true discipleship to Christ.


  • We celebrate choices and decisions that advance God’s kingdom above personal security and comfort
  • We endeavour to steward wisely our time, talents and resources for the blessing of others

Celebrating Diversity

We believe that all people matter to God and that the church’s unity in Christ transcends all divisions erected by society.


  • We welcome people regardless of age, ethnicity, education, ability or financial status
  • We take delight in the weekly expressions of our oneness in Christ whilst recognising the importance of ministries for distinct groups of people
  • We build a variety of partnerships with other evangelical churches and agencies, both locally and globally

Outward Focus

We believe the whole world needs to hear the gospel and that the local church is at the heart of God’s plan to reach lost men and women. We are all sent out as partners in this mission.


  • We affirm a calling to be involved in both local and global mission through the declaration of the gospel and the demonstration of God’s character in compassionate care
  • We encourage and equip one other to make Christ known in our everyday circumstances through gracious words and distinctive lives
  • We seek to discern, prepare, send and support those with a vocational calling to proclaim and demonstrate the gospel
  • We provide multiple contexts for those wanting to explore the Christian faith

Distinctive Living

We believe that being an authentic follower of Jesus is a 24/7 adventure, shaping every dimension and stage of life.


  • We resolve to turn from the ‘false gods’ of our culture such as greed, disordered sexuality and the abuse of power
  • We strive for integrity in every sphere of life embracing our workplaces, homes, neighbourhoods and networks
  • We recognise our responsibility to declare God’s wisdom for life, convinced that it is foundational for a healthy society and the well-being of individuals