Students – here are a few things that we are frequently asked about and apply specifically to those at University or College.

Student Transport

Living in Leamington

Currently we are only holding a morning service at the Westbury Centre. This is within walking distance for students living in Leamington Spa or from the Uni bus stop on the High Street (just under the railway bridge). You’ll find us at the Westbury Centre, Westlea Road 

Home from Home

Within current guidelines, ‘Home from Home’ seeks to provide hospitality, friendship and a warm welcome into the home of someone else in the church. If you join ‘Home from Home’ you will be matched with a host from the church. 

One to One

Many students have found that meeting with an older Christian to study the Bible and pray helps them grow in their faith and cope with the demands of student life. We’ll happily link you up with someone once you’ve settled with us.


As part of our Humble Dependence we regularly commit to God the life and witness of students and the work of CU’s, CCF, UCCF & IFES. We also encourage students to be praying for others in the church.  Our church prayer diary is distributed every few weeks or copies are available on the free Literature table in the foyer on a Sunday morning. Students are also very welcome to share prayer requests with the rest of the church by contacting us.

Serving in Myton Church

In the Bible we are all encouraged to serve. Students are generally encouraged to do this through CU and other Christian groups on campus but we appreciate that some may not choose to be involved on campus, whilst others feel they have the time, energy and desire to be actively involved in their local church family as well. There are a wide range of opportunities for committed students to serve in the church e.g. children’s work, music, tea/coffee and welcoming.

Pastoral Support

Student life can bring challenges to someone’s Christian faith. Whilst student friends and campus groups can be of help in working through some of these the wider church family is on hand to offer a greater depth of experience and perspective. Therefore wherever possible, Myton Church seeks to offer individual one-to-one support to students facing specific challenges.

Supporting CU and CCF

Students have a unique opportunity to share the gospel on campus, far more than local churches can. Warwick University Christian Union and other Christian student groups seek to make the most of these unique opportunities and enable Christian students to reach out to their peers.  Myton seeks to release students to serve on campus. The Church supports local CU and other groups in prayer, finance, providing occasional speakers, and through offering particular pastoral support to the leaders of these groups who attend the church.

Ministry trainee programme

After graduation there is the possibility of serving in the church as part of a one year discipleship programme.  

Contact Us

For more information on any of these areas or specific enquiries please email: or contact Jackie Mann via the church office