Our church is made up of lots of different people from a rich variety of backgrounds, who all have their own stories to tell of the difference Jesus has made in their lives.

Here are some examples of varying lengths.

Sarah Sherratt shares about how her view of Christianity and Jesus changed whilst at university. 

Rob Mason shares his story about how his view of Jesus and Christianity changed

Pam Kaur shares her story from a Sikh background to faith in Jesus. 

Rob and Jo Smith share about the impact of Rob’s accident and what difference their faith has made to them through that.

Tricia Lee tells her story of faith through the challenges of being diagnosed with cancer and the loss of her husband

Anne shares her story of faith through ill health

Photo of Bob and Rita TelfordIn 2019 Bob Telford was interviewed about the death of his son as part of the “If you could ask God one Question?” series – “Where is God in my suffering?”

Click here to hear the interview