In our commitment as a Church and individually to live distinctively we recognise that areas of brokenness in society also impact Christians. We are committed to reflecting on these biblically and believe it is the Bible that provides the foundation for long lasting transformation. You will find messages on these topics in our sermon collection (Relationships Revolution and Distinctive Living series) and recordings of Table Talk.

The following online articles, booklets and books give more insight into the topics, both to those struggling themselves or  people seeking to help others. Many of the booklets and books are available via the church office or they can ordered from the Christian Resource Centre, (Radford Road, Leamington Spa) or online.


BulliesA Christian perspective on bullying by Peter Myers (Paper)

Living with an angry spouse by Edward T Welch (Booklet)

Domestic Abuse by Paul David Tripp, David Powlinson & Edward T Welch (Booklet)

Further material on Domestic Abuse


Childlessness & Miscarriage

empty swingJust the two of us? Help and strength in the struggle to conceive by Eleanor Margesson & Sue McGowan (Book)

A silent grief: pastoral reflections on infertility by Phil Wheeler, (Online article)

Talking to Children about Miscarriage by Miscarriage Association (booklet)

Inheritance of tears. When death visits the womb by Jessalyn Hutto (book)



couple comfortCohabitation Evangelicals Now 2010 (Article)

Cohabitation – an alternative to marriage? Jubilee Centre (Paper)

Cohabiting then converted Don Carson (Article)  

Issues Facing Christians Today by John Stott. Chapter 13 (Book)




Disability and the Gospel: How God uses our brokenness to display his grace – Michael Beates

A Biblical View of Disability – Ros Bayes

Thinking like Jesus about disability – Nancy Guthrie (video or audio)

2014 SCOPE Report ‘Current attitudes towards Disabled People’



divorcedIssues Facing Christians Today by John Stott. Chapter 13 (Book)







expecting babyAren’t They Lovely When They’re Asleep by Ann Benton (Book)

Teenagers by Ann Benton (Book)

Gospel-Centred Family by Tim Chester (Book)





weddingThe issue of pre-marital sex by Lee Gatiss (Online article)

Sexuality and Christian Hope by Tim Keller (Audio)

The Gospel-Centred Marriage by Tim Chester (Book)

Married for God by Christopher Ash (Book)

The Meaning of Marriage by Tim & Kathy Keller (Book)

Sustaining the Covenant of Marital Love by Keller, Piper and Carson (video)


Old Age

third ageCaring for the Elderly by Roger Hitchings (Table Talk Sept 2014, available here)

A Time to Care (Loving your elderly parents) by Emily Ackerman








laptopSexual Detox – a guide for guys who are sick of porn by Tim Challis (On-line book)

Pornography by David Powlinson (Booklet)

Captured by a better vision by Tim Chester (Book)

When your child is looking at porn (Pdf) published by Covenant Eyes

Fifty shades of white (A Briefing article)

Fifty shades of Grey by Tim Challies (A blog on the release of the film)


Same Sex Attraction

love heartLiving Out  – testimony and resources (Website)

Washed and waiting by Wesley Hill (Book)

Walking with gay friends by Alex Tylee (Book)

Is God anti-gay by Sam Allberry (Book)

Biblical & Pastoral Responses to Homosexuality EA report

Battles I face by Vaughan Roberts interviewed in Evangelicals Now


Self Harm

fearThe challenge of self harm Living Leadership pastoral paper

A Christian response to self harm (Paper)

The truth about self harm (in young people) by the Mental Health Foundation (secular).

Self Injury: When Pain Feels Good by Ed Welch (Booklet)

Understanding Self Harm by Helen Thorne (Grove Booklet)



singleSingle in Christ by John Piper (Sermon text, audio or video)

Sexuality and Christian Hope by Tim Keller (Audio)

The Single Issue by Al Hsu (Book)





suicideSuicide by Jeffrey S. Black (Booklet)

Grieving a suicide by Paul David Tripp (Booklet)

I just want to die by David Powlinson (Booklet)

Grieving a suicide by Al Hsu. (Book)