Some resources specific to different stages and ages.

Infertility and Miscarriage

empty swingUnfulfilled desire by Kim Hubbard Myton message (March 2012)

Just the two of us? by Eleanor Margesson & Sue McGowan (Book)

A silent grief: pastoral reflections on infertility by Phil Wheeler, (Online article)

When childless is not a choice. (BBC news item – secular)

Miscarriage by Marcus Honeysett (Online article)

Pregnancy and Baby

babyGod’s gift of parenting by Mark Ashton (Online article)

The Pregnancy Book by Will and Lucy van der Hart (Book)




Pre-school years

toddlerEarly years parenting by Greg and Hannah Strain (Audio)

Growing your marriage when children come along by John and Ann Benton (Audio)

Aren’t They Lovely When They’re Asleep by Ann Benton (Book)



Primary years







Teenage years

parentParenting teens by John and Ann Benton (Audio)

Teenagers by Ann Benton (Book)

Age of Opportunity by Paul Tripp (Book) Click here for a review of this book by Rich Adam.



Leaving home and Young Adults

YAFresh by Krish Kandiah (book) for those going to University

Leading well across the generations by James Lawrence (booklet) – although it is about leadership it reveals the traits of many young adults.

Thinking about generational differences.  Table Talk message by Jackie Mann (audio)