Open to everyone – Whether you’re old or young, a student or stay at home carer, heading up a multi-national corporation or living on the streets, we believe Jesus’ message is for you.

Find out more about us, our vision and values, our leadership team, staff and ministry leaders, our membership and our history.

Who we are?

We are a fairly large and growing church made up of people of all ages and from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Our vision is to become a community that glorifies God by being bowed down in loving devotion, built up for acts of service and sent out as full-time Christian workers.

Myton Church is an independent church but having significant partnerships with other local evangelical churches from different denominations.

We have met in Myton School for over 30 years and our Church Centre is based on the school site. For further directions click here

What shapes what we do? – Our values

Humble DependenceWe believe that God’s people thrive when living in dependence upon him and deeply committed to one another.

Transformational Teaching – We believe that God’s Word is the chief means of creating and developing all spiritual life. We expect both individual and corporate transformation as we encounter God through his Word.

Sacrificial Generosity – We believe that self-sacrifice and generous giving are marks of true discipleship to Christ.

Celebrating Diversity – We believe that all people matter to God and that the church’s unity in Christ transcends all divisions erected by society.

Outward Focus – We believe the whole world needs to hear the gospel and that the local church is at the heart of God’s plan to reach lost men and women. We are all sent out as partners in this mission.

Distinctive Living – We believe that being an authentic follower of Jesus is a 24/7 adventure, shaping every dimension and stage of life.

What if I come along on a Sunday?

We trust you will find a warm welcome at any of our Sunday services. On a Sunday morning the size of the congregation can be a little intimidating to a newcomer so come and make yourself known at the Welcome table in the foyer. In the evening, our congregation is much smaller and so you will not get lost in the crowd

What do I do next?

If you are considering settling at Myton Church then please complete this form and look for details of the next newcomers event. Any general questions about the church can be made via this enquiry form.