coffeeWhether you have chosen to settle at Myton Church or are still exploring the possibility; used to church life or it’s all new to you; know Christ, are just beginning to look or are somewhere in between, we would love for you to come to our next ‘New to Myton’ event.

The date for the next ‘New to Myton’ event has yet to be decided but in the meantime one of the staff would be happy to meet with you to familiarise you with the church and answer any questions. Speak to Jackie Mann or email the office on if you are interested in coming to the next event or finding out more about the church.

What about our children? At lunch time and afternoon events our hope is that, if you have children you will come as a family and whilst we will endeavour to provide plenteous amounts of food for them, it would help if you would bring toys, books, colouring etc.

As a follow up to attending a ‘New to Myton’ event we would encourage you to listen to What sort of church are we?