HolmesMozambique (Southeast Africa)

Christians in Mozambique have seen many years of harsh persecution, but since 1990 the church has experienced religious freedom and seen much growth. The church has tripled in size and seen many from all faiths and regions beginning to follow Christ. However, Mozambique remains one of the poorest nations on earth, and there is a great need in the church for trained leaders.

John & Jenny Holmes spent some time living in Malawi and visiting Mozambique, and serving the Lord in both countries during 2005-06. Since then, they have revisited regularly and become involved with several projects, including an orphanage and other buildings. They have also seen the need for leadership training in the Zambesi Evangelical Church (ZEC), Mozambique.

When John & Jenny visit Mozambique and Malawi their key aims are to give on-going support to these people and projects:

  • To encourage training for Church Leaders in the Northern part of rural Mozambique. Students are generally directed to EBCOM (Evangelical Bible College of Malawi) in Blantyre where tuition is in their native Chichewa language.
  • To follow up and help recent graduates, as they serve as Pastors in village churches.
  • To support and maintain contact with Revd Willard Muwalo (Vice Chairman for EBCOM) an effective Evangelist with heart for Mozambique). He arranges regular evangelistic outreaches to help the rural churches in Mozambique. He also maintains a link with the students at EBCOM.
  • To help and maintain links with the ZEC Headquarters in Mozambique at Vila Ulongue where they have seen a large orphanage established and a new Training Centre is in progress of construction.
  • To support and maintain links with Pastor Simon Markt, (Manager of the Orphanage), and key link person to support new Pastors and building projects for the ZEC Church and Training Centre in the region (Angonia) around the Church Headquarters at Vila Ulongue.

Prayer focus:

  • Revd Willard Muwalo working with Pastors and maintaining links with students to support outreach work in Northern Mozambique.
  • Pastor Simon Markt – managing the orphanage at Vila and maintaining support for the Pastors and church Projects in the region around Vila Ulongue – the Mozambican Zambesi Evangelical Church Headquarters (ZEC).

To find out John and Jenny’s latest trip, email the church office via contact us