Teams@Myton‘We believe that the whole world needs to hear the Gospel and that the local church is at the heart of God’s plan to reach lost men and women. We are all sent out as partners in mission’

Local and global mission is part of our DNA at Myton Church. We seek to demonstrate this in our daily lives in the workplaces, schools, families, neighbourhoods and networks God has placed us.

But we also want to express it together. Teams@Myton  are just one way we make it a living reality.

Naya Gaun Church, Pokhara, Nepal

We are looking to put a team together to visit Naya Gaun Church in Pokhara.

The primary purpose of this year’s trip is to continue to reinforce and strengthen our relationship with Naya Gaun and would involve taking part in church services, running youth events, visiting mid-week groups and visiting a church plant in the Annapurna hills.  As churches we can learn from one another, encourage one another and pray for one another. The team will be led by Paul McKie in October/November time. Costs are likely to be around £1,100 per head. If you are interested in joining the team please speak to Paul or complete a Teams@myton enquiry form.

What others say…

Many people can testify to the powerful and lasting impact of being part of a team has had on their faith, character and service.

Teams are a wonderful way of taking risks that strengthen our faith, of building rich friendships with others in the church and of learning to serve boldly and compassionately.

‘Doing a mission team is a faith stretching experience’…‘There’s nothing like team mission to forge lasting friendships and reveal to you a whole lot more about yourself’ Ben Telford

‘I’m really grateful for the opportunity to go to China in 2005. I remain passionate about the Uyghurs. Being part of a team to encourage, support, pray for and work alongside means you take part in new types of outreach that you would never have had the courage to do before.’ Georgina Lee

What me?

I’m too old’,  ‘It costs too much’,  ‘I haven’t got time’, ‘I’m too young’, ‘My gifts don’t fit’, ‘What about the kids?’,  ‘I hate flying!’

Have you ever heard someone reject mission teams out of hand with one of those lines? Ever used one yourself?

 Teams@Myton  endeavours to provide a range of opportunities that suit different circumstances, giftings and ages.  By varying cost, destination, activities, length and time of year it is hoped that as many as possible will seize the opportunity…and that those who don’t go, pray!

The vision of Teams@Myton is to wherever possible strengthen our relationships with existing mission partners.

Each team will have an appointed team leader responsible for team life before, during and after the project.

What next?

One step at a time!

Step one: Take a look at the list of teams currently in place and keep an eye out for others being posted on the website.

Step two: Take a few moments to complete the enquiry form  This just signals your interest it doesn’t sign you up for going!

Step three: Take time to prayerfully consider going on a team. Get family and friends involved in praying and advising you.

Step four: Take time out for coffee with the team leader of the project to explore whether you both think it is a good fit for you and the team.