Imagine… Myton Church in five years time.

If, over the next five years, Myton Church is to grow through the addition of people from many backgrounds and all walks of life – what will it take?


Imagine… all of us praying…

Imagine… all of us living…

  • for our unconverted family, friends and colleagues
  • so that we are known for our good deeds
  • for daily opportunities to talk with others about our faith
  • so that others ask questions about the hope we have
  • for new ways to share the gospel in Warwick and Leamington
  • so that we are trusted for our integrity in every sphere of life

  Imagine… all of us speaking…

Imagine… all of us celebrating…

  •  about Jesus in our everyday conversations
  •  as people of different ages and backgrounds become Christians
  •  about the difference God makes to our lives
  •  as new Christians get baptised
  •  about belonging to a growing church
  •  we share stories about changed lives







Watch the video below to see the images of our Imagine launch service. Kirsty Lee was recently baptised at Myton. Click on her picture to find out how she came to know Jesus