Myton Church Housegroups

In a growing community of God’s people, housegroups are an essential part of pursuing our mission of making mature followers of Christ. Every member of a housegroup contribues to this.

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How do housegroups help to further our church goals?

First, they can help us to be bowed down by providing a context for

  • discovering more of the glory of God in his Word
  • prayers of praise and thankfulness
  • testimonies about God’s faithfulness
  • sharing the Lord’s Supper together occasionally
  • highlighting books, audio resources and music CDs that strengthen devotion to Christ

Second, they can help us to be built up by providing a context for

  • applying the Bible’s teaching to our personal life
  • receiving prayer support from others focused on our spiritual growth
  • having our spiritual gifts evaluated by others
  • giving and receiving pastoral care
  • accountability to others in areas of struggle
  • sacrificially serving others
  • meaningfully expressing the one another exhortations found in the New Testament
  • highlighting helpful books, audio resources and web-based articles about personal discipleship

Third, they can help us to be sent out by providing a context for

  • applying the Bible’s teaching to our relationships in the home, workplace and neighbourhood
  • encouraging a verbal witness to Christ
  • regular prayer for non-Christian family, friends and colleagues
  • regular prayer for the church’s evangelistic ministries
  • regular prayer for those individuals, agencies, ministries  and churches included in our mission support budget or known to group members
  • regular prayer about current affairs and for those in authority – locally, nationally and internationally
  • holding occasional events to which non-Christian family and friends can be invited

How can we be wholehearted housegroup members?

First, by attending housegroup meetings as frequently as possible.  This will be a great encouragement to other members of the group. Belonging to a housegroup is primarily a commitment to a group of people rather than just a meeting. Therefore, we should all try to make housegroup a priority in our diaries.

Second, by preparing before meetings.  Usually, that simply means familiarising ourselves with the Bible passage designated for the study and praying for the meeting.  Although little things, these can make a considerable difference to the impact of the meeting on all who attend.

Third, by endeavouring to take part in discussions, listening to what others are saying and being open about our own spiritual lives.

Finally, by caring for others in the group.  This may involve praying with them, giving appropriate encouragement or challenge, extending hospitality and offering practical support.

Tricia Lee co-ordinates the housegroups.