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Made to feel – emotions Ben Harding Made to feel – Emotions

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The marks of  a biblical church Kim Hubbard The marks of a biblical church Listen here
Prayer – does it make a difference? Hugh Bradby Prayer- Does it make any difference? Listen here
The implications of the biblical language of conversion Jackie Mann Language of Conversion  
New heaven and new earth Christopher Samuel New Creation  
History and Theology in the book of Esther Alan Millard   Listen here
From Malachi to Matthew Christopher Samuel From Malachi to Matthew  
The Reformation – Did it have to happen? Hugh Bradby  The Reformation. Did it have to happen? Listen here
Isaiah and the New Testament Christopher Samuel  Isaiah in the NT Listen here
Perseverance without Perception Jackie Mann Perseverance without Perception  Listen here
How far have we fallen? Christopher Samuel Doctrine of sin  
In the days of Isaiah Alan Millard In the Days of Isaiah  
Other Religions Hugh Bradby   Listen here
Introduction to Isaiah Christopher Samuel   Listen here
Enjoying the Trinity Christopher Samuel  Enjoying the Trinity Listen here
Can Christians endorse the profit motive in Western capitalist business? Alastair Miatt Can Christians endorse the profit motive of Western Capitlalist Business? Part 1 Part 2
Why theology? – an introduction to Digging Deeper Jackie Mann Why theology? Listen here
Canon of Scripture Alan Millard   Listen here
Doctrine of Justification Christopher Samuel Justification Listen here
Doctrine of sin – the key to change Jackie Mann Understanding Sin. The key to change Listen here
OT narrative Christopher Samuel What are we to do with OT narrative  
What is the Church? Christopher Samuel Church Listen here
Why did Jesus die? Bill James   Listen here
Are miracles credible in a scientific age? Christopher Samuel Miracles  
What is mission? Hugh Bradby What is Mission?  
Dispossessing the Canaanites Alan Millard Dispossessing the Canaanites.  
    Dispossessing the Canaanites Handout  
Old heresies in new clothing Christopher Samuel   Listen here
Are people basically good but do bad things, or bad but can do good? Jackie Mann Are people good or bad? Listen here
Colossians – an overview Christopher Samuel Colossians – overview and issues  
Why the resurrection? Christopher Samuel Why the Resurrection  
God dwelling with his people Christopher Samuel The temple motif from Genesis to Revelation  
Doctrine of Scripture Christopher Samuel The doctrine of Scripture  
Overview of Galatians Christopher Samuel The book of Galatians  
Pluralism Christopher Samuel Pluralism  
Jesus – God and man Christopher Samuel Jesus, God and man  
Free Will Christopher Samuel Free will or not so free. That is the question.  
Created in God’s image Christopher Samuel Created in God’s image  
Jesus, the Spirit-anointed Messiah Kim Hubbard The humanity of Christ. Listen here
The paradox: Moses a tongue tied singer Alan Millard A paradox – Moses the tongue tied singer  
An overview of Mark’s Gospel Christopher Samuel  Mark’s Gospel  
Understanding Old Testament prophets Christopher Samuel  The Prophets Listen here
Is salvation conditional on perseverance Jackie Mann Can we fall away?  
Is the Bible reliable? Evidence from archaeology. Alan Millard Is the Bible reliable? Listen here
The attributes of God Christopher Samuel Attributes of God Listen here