librarySituated in the office at the church centre there are a variety of books that can be borrowed for personal use. Please help yourself or if you identify a book you wish to borrow from the Book catalogue, email and we will endeavour to bring it to the school foyer on a Sunday morning for you to collect.

To help you navigate the shelves the books are arranged by topic so please replace a book in the section that you borrowed it from so others can find what they are looking for.


The contents are arranged as follows:

Top Shelf. Back Row.

  • Biography
  • Mission
  • Contemporary Issues.

Top Shelf. Front Row.

  • Contemporary Issues (contu)
  • Pastoral
  • Evangelism

Bottom Shelf. Back Row. Lower Layer.

  • Church
  • Church Ministry (Music and Preaching)
  • Leadership
  • Discipleship

Bottom Shelf. Back Row. Upper Layer.

  • Doctrine (God, Christ, Holy Spirit, Future things)

Bottom Shelf. Front Row. Lower Layer.

  • The Bible
  • OT commentaries
  • NT Gospel commentaries

Bottom Shelf. Front Row. Upper Layer.

  • NT commentaries – letters