Books and audio resources provide an excellent way of delving more deeply into some of the topics that we consider in our teaching programme as well as plumbing the depths of other areas of our Christian life. A number of ideas are profiled below. The variety will hopefully allow issues to be explored at a pace and pitch that fits our individual lifestyle and circumstances.

Books can be purchased at the local Christian Resource Centre (2 Radford Road, Leamington Spa, or online via 10ofThose or IVP Some are available as ebooks.

You will be taken to a summary of each book if you click on the titles below.



Fruitfulness on the Frontline by Mark Greene.

Follow up the material we have been explored in housegroups in Mark Greene’s book.

More resources available at LICC.





The Big Fight edited by Tim Thornborough & Richard Perkins

Brought to you by the letter ‘G’ a variety of authors look at nine temptations that Christian men face, topics include ‘Greed’, ‘Gold’ and ‘Grumbling’ but can you guess the other six!





ordinary mum

Ordinary Mum, Extraordinary Mission by Anna France-Williams & Joy French

Remember the days when you dreamed of changing the world but now find yourself changing nappies! Two Mums author a book for mums exploring the amazing opportunities God gives them in everyday life.




invest your suffering

Invest your suffering by Paul Mallard

‘Let me be honest, during the last twenty years there have been times when my faith has seemed frail and fragile and almost ready to collapse. I have struggled with seeing my wife stripped of her dignity and reduced by her agony. I have doubted all kinds of things. I have exploded and lashed out. I do not like what is happening to my sweetheart one little bit. Chronic illness never goes away.’ Despite penning these words Paul Mallard has never doubted that he and his wife Edrie were in the hands of God and that this was the ultimate source of comfort and hope. In the midst of their trial they tell of experiencing an unexpected intimacy with a loving God who is no stranger to suffering.

emotionsEmotions – living life in colour by Graham Beynon

God made us to feel. In this book Graham Beynon thinks through the place of emotions, how we view them, handle them and glorify God with them. He sets the goal that the mature Christian life involves a fully-functioning emotional life that flows from the heart and that it is possible to grow in good and godly emotions.

This material was presented at Word Alive in 2013 and therefore is also available as audio messages.




A praying Life by Paul Miller

This is an honest look at the relationship between how we see God and our praying. Written in a down-to-earth style and practical in nature, parents will particularly find his family-life experiences helpful.







The weeping prophet (Jeremiah). Get another perspective on the book that we worked through in Autumn 2014. Four messages by Don Carson demonstrating how relevant a prophet who lived 600yrs before Jesus is to the 21st century.

Struggling with God. Jonathan Lamb takes four sessions to open up the book of Ruth, (free audio)