MCK_3850-1-2The Westbury Centre is a Community Centre based in Westlea Road, Leamington that aims to offer a range of activities and services for people of all ages in the local area. The Centre is managed by Myton Church.

Meet the Team.

Pearl Pawson is the Centre Manager and oversees the day to day running of the centre including the finances of Westbury. She also manages the café.

Andy Scott is our Community Development Worker. Andy is responsible for looking after the user groups and managing the bookings of the centre. He also meets with local organisations and residents to promote the Westbury Centre and identify ways in which we can work in partnership.

Graham Harvey is a member of Myton Church who has played a key part in our involvement with the Westbury Centre from the very start. Graham continues to offer his input in helping to manage the centre and engage with the local community.

Ed McMillen is the Church Elder who represents the church leadership in the Westbury project and he chairs the Westbury core team.