The vision of the Christian Union at the University of Warwick is to give every student on campus the chance to hear and respond to the gospel.

The Christian Union is a mission team sent by local churches to proclaim the name of Jesus at the University of Warwick.  They have been blessed with a large number of students passionate about evangelism and support from a variety of churches, allowing them to expand into many corners of university life.

International student work

University of Warwick is host to a large number of international students, presenting a wonderful opportunity to reach out to people who know little to nothing about Christianity.

  • Their international team welcomes and provides help with orientation, arranging bible studies and putting on events where people can hear the gospel.
  • International Bible Study (IBS) has helped many people in coming to faith and growing in Christ.
  • They also work closely with the international Christian societies, enabling many students to participate in bible studies in their first language.

Dispelling misconceptions and proclaiming the truth.

Many UK students come to the University of Warwick knowing very little about the gospel. The Chrisitan Union reaches them in a variety of ways, ranging from very casual hospitality events to in-depth bible study!

Regular activities

  • Wednesday evening “Equip” – joining in fellowship, teaching, prayer and worship together.
  • Lunchbars, comprising of a free meal and an apologetic talk. These have been particularly effective.
  • Smallgroups (5:20s) provide accountability, Bible study and fellowship and are a great way to reach students in halls.
  • 5:20s host one of several prayer meetings that they hold each week.

Key weeks:

  • International Orientation and Freshers Fortnight, towards the end of September/start of October
  • Mission Week, taking place in February/March each year.

For more information, or to see what events we are holding in the near future please check out our website