With the support of both Myton and Emanuel churches a group of people have been meeting over the last six months at The Kenilworth Centre, to pray about the possibility of stating a new evangelical church in Kenilworth. This group along with the leaders of Emmanuel and Myton feel it is right to move forward with this. A local team of people have been brought together by the leadership of the supporting churches – the Kenilworth Core Team –  to help under God to form the new church. Although the new church is initially coming under the oversight of Emmanuel Church, the elders of Emmanuel and Myton want and expect the new church to develop its own unique shape and style.

Moving forward as well as the monthly prayer meetings, there is planned monthly meetings at The Kenilworth Centre on Sunday afternoons for those who want to consider being part of the new church and their families. Attending is an opportunity to explore if this is right for people and is not a commitment that to be part of the new church. Please see the Programme link